signs a japanese girl likes you

9 Top Signs a Japanese Girl Likes You

1. She Calls You by Your First Name

One sign that a Japanese girl is into you is when she calls you by your first name. This shows comfort and familiarity. In Japan, it’s not unusual to use the suffix ‘-san’ in school or at work when addressing superiors. However, it’s perfectly okay to call your friends or family members that are younger than you with their first name.

Look out if she casually greets you without using -san or any other titles like -kun or -senpai that connotes respect.

2. She Sits Close to You

Another sign that a Japanese girl likes you is if she sits close to you when there are other free spaces around where she can sit. She may even put her arm on yours or hand on your leg if she is sitting next to you in a crowded place like a bus or elevator.

3. Sustains Eye Contact

Another sign a Japanese girl likes you is if she maintains eye contact with you. If she is unable to hold eye contact for a few seconds, she could be interested in talking to you but not really interested in getting to know you closely.

4. Touches You

A Japanese girl will touch you lightly on the shoulder or arm when greeting or saying goodbye. This is a common was of expressing familiarity and friendliness in Japan.

5. Smiles at You

A Japanese girl would smile at you across the room or even street, if they are into you.

In Japan, smiling at someone indicates friendliness – but not necessarily romantic interest. If the same person smiles at another person (especially if they were engaged i a conversation before), then perhaps they could just be friendly.


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