Ways to Make a Muslim Girl Fall in Love with You

12 Ways to Make a Muslim Girl Fall in Love with You

Before the onset of influences by Western culture, it was the responsibility of parents and relatives to find life partners for their girls. Nonetheless, with globalization, Muslim girls are gradually taking matters into their own hands by choosing their partners.

You might have come across a Muslim girl that you like and are wondering how to make her pick interest in you. In this article, I’ll share 12 ways to make a Muslim girl fall in love with you.

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12 Ways to Make a Muslim Girl Fall in Love with You

1. Watch Your Words

Watch your words – especially when talking to a Muslim girl. This will let her know your personality and what goes on in your heart.

Most Muslim girls are not fond of rough and harsh guys. Cussing and using inappropriate language may put her off. Learn how to speak gently and wisely and you will be half into a Muslim girl’s heart.

2. Respect Her Boundaries

Watch over your body language when you are around a Muslim girl whose heart you would like to win. Avoid holding her hands or putting your arm around her shoulders.

When talking to her, sustain your focus on her and avoid getting distracted by other things.

3. Express a Positive Personality

Having a positive personality will help you get close to a Muslim girl. Be confident and ready to show off your strength and abilities occasionally.

A positive personality will arouse curiosity in her to want to know more about you. As you do all these, please do not overdo it since it may be counterproductive.

4. Be Religious

Most Muslim girls love it when you are motivated to learn more about Islam. One of the purposes of life according to Islam and the Quran is to be a worshipper. As such, a Muslim girl will easily fall for you if you are interested in knowing and practising Islam.

A Muslim girl desires a man who can be her imam. She wants a man who can teach her the right way of living according to Islam.

5. Get to Know Important People to Her

Being physically close to a Muslim girl is good. But it is not enough. You need to connect with her emotionally. One way to do this is by getting involved in her inner circle. Ask her about her friends and family, meet and befriend them.

A Muslim’s girl inner circle can be the key that you need to her heart. Her friends and family know her better. Being around them long enough will give you a better understanding of her character and belief system.

Allow it to happen naturally and ensure that you are ready to make an excellent first impression the first time you meet them.

6. Be Protective

A Muslim girl holds herself to high standards. She views herself as a precious jewel and queen who deserves to be treated as such. You may notice this from the way she dresses and relates to other people.

To win her heart, you need to show concern for how she’s doing. Call regularly to find out what she is doing. She will note these as you being serious and build trust in your intentions and ability to commit.

Have her back, watch out for her, and speak up for her if you feel she might be under any threat of attack.

7. Avoid Stereotyping Her

There are many stereotypes about Islam, its beliefs and practices. Nonetheless, practice letting go of any stereotypes you may have about Muslim girls. This will put you in a better position to know the Muslim girl you like, without pre-existing assumptions.

Learn to separate the behaviours and beliefs of extremists from the views of regular Muslims. Extremists exist in every belief system. You wouldn’t be happy to be judged based on all these extremists’ actions.

Your Muslim girl crush will be happy that someone sees her for who she is.

8. Be a Gentleman

One of the easiest ways to capture a Muslim girl’s heart is by being a gentleman. Do the simple things like opening the door for her, paying attention to her when she speaks etc.

Generally, most girls do not like rough men. They love courteous guys. Avoid offensive words, swearing, or making sexist or racist jokes.

9. Be Funny

If you can make a Muslim girl laugh, you have a good chance of winning her heart. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian. Focus on ways to include humour in your conversations.

When being funny, be keen on your choice of words and jokes. What sits right with you might not be so with her.

10. Be a Provider

A typical Muslim society has gender roles. As such, a Muslim girl may have expectations from her man.

Although she might be working and earning her own money, you stand a better chance of winning her heart when you take up the role of a provider. In this context, being a provider means being kind, generous, and always ready to help.

11. Have a Plan for the Future

Most Muslim girls are focused. They have clarity on what they want and go after it. Knowing this will help you have a plan before approaching a Muslim girl.

Your plan does not have to be watertight. It should be something realistic that you are working towards. She will avoid you or lose interest in you if she picks that you are making advances towards her with no plans in place.

12. Be Attentive

Generally, if you want any girl to be intrigued with you, be attentive to her. This is counter to the common misconception that men only notice obvious things.

Be attentive to what she says and how she behaves. Her verbal and non-verbal cues will help you learn many things about her. This will put you in a better position to get her attention.

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