white fusion calathea

Best Tips on Caring for White Fusion Calathea

White fusion calathea is a bushy plant with beautiful white and green marbled leaves and purple undersides – a unique characteristic for Calatheas.

Calatheas are native to tropical Americas, growing beneath canopies in rainforests. As a member of the Marantaceae family, white fusion calathea is an active plant that undergoes the process of foliage reacting to the daily light cycle, otherwise known as nyctinasty.

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Quick Facts About White Fusion Calathea

Scientific NameCalathea lietzei
Common NamePeacock Plant, Calathea Whit Fusion, White Fusion
Plant TypeHerbaceous Perennial
Native toMalaysia
ShapeHuge green, White lilac leaves with pink, purple underside
Maximum size23.62 inches (60cm)
Watering RequirementsMoist but not soggy
Light RequirementsDiffused light
Preferred HumidityHigh
Preferred Temperature60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit
FertilizerLiquid fertilizer
Propagation MethodDivision

Is white fusion calathea hard to care for?

White fusion calathea is moderate-to-difficult to care for with its water, light, and humidity needs.

To successfully grow this plant, you need to be specific with the amount of light and well-draining soil.

Here is how to care for your white fusion calathea:

1. How Much Light Does a white fusion calathea need?

White fusion prefers bright indirect light for about 8 to 12 hours daily. Remember, you are trying to replicate how it grows in the rainforests of South America and Central Mexico.

In most cases, putting this plant in a kitchen or bathroom works fine.

You will know your plant is receiving too much bright light when its marking begins to fade. Converselour plant may need more light if its growth slows down and its variegation does not progress.

Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight, which may severely damage or even kill it. A window that allows penetration of soft morning light or gentle evening sun is ideal.

2. Temperature Requirements of White Fusion Calathea

The leaves of this plant do well at a warm room temperature. And as such, you should consider keeping the temperature between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, avoid placing your houseplant close to an air conditioner, draft, or heating source. This can cause the plant to dry out easily and even suffer from physical damage.

Your plant needs a high humidity level of 85%. This condition is desirable for the plant’s growth. To attain this, it helps to invest in a humidifier. Alternatively, you can position your plant in the bathroom when showering.

Also, you can put your plant on a pebble tray with water but only fill up to the pebbles. The best part is if you have more than one plant – you can group them with other house plants.

4. Best Soil Mix for white fusion calathea

The White Fusion Calathea plant thrives in standard commercial potting soil. Alternatively, you can make your own soil mix by adding perlite, peat moss, coco coir, and pumice. This plant loves its soil to stay evenly moist.

Here is how you can mix your materials:

  • Four portions of coco coir
  • Six portions of Orchid bark or clay pebbles
  • Two-part pumice
  • Four portions of perlite
  • A small amount of sphagnum moss.

Also, sufficient drainage prevents root rot, fungal diseases, and other issues.  It does not withstand soggy soil; therefore, it is best to have a good drainage system that prevents excess water.

5. How Often Should I Water my white fusion calathea?

Your white fusion calathea will need the soil to stay evenly moist between watering schedules. You can feel out the soil with your fingers and confirm when the top two inches of the soil are dry. If this is the case, thoroughly drench your plant until sufficient water seeps out from the bottom pot.

Also, bear in mind this is a diva plant. Therefore, it quickly follows that its water requirements differ from other plants, and she loves to be fed natural or distilled water only. 

You can purchase gallons of distilled water from the grocery or use rainwater for this delicate plant. Filtered water will work, but it has small fluoride elements, and your plant may have a reaction since it is a diva plant.

Overwatering ranks among the top causes of death of indoor plants. When you are not certain, consider underwatering rather than overwatering. Use a pot with drainage holes and well-draining soil to ensure your plant’s roots are not getting drowned.

6. How to Propagate White Fusion Calathea

Once your plant has grown big, you can begin propagating it. To do this, you can use the large clumps on the sides. You can set apart these clumps to grow new plants. The best time to do this is in spring and summer.

Follow these steps to propagate your white fusion calathea:

1. Water your plant well several days before the time

2. Begin by removing the old soil and dividing the plant using the natural separation of the roots.

3. Take new pots and add the proper mix of soil used before and plant your White Fusion Calathea in them.

4. Put your plants in a moist yet warm place with reduced light for a couple of weeks.

5. Put your plants back in their original spot when you notice new growth.

7. Potting White Fusion Calathea

When it comes to potting size and material for this plant, it is advisable to use a medium-sized pot made of plastic. 

This plant is not a fan of too much water; otherwise, it may succumb to root rot. Therefore, I highly recommend your pot has at least one drainage hole.

8. Repotting White Fusion Calathea

Typically, you need to repot your White Fusion to a larger pot with sufficient space once it grows to a certain size. When you notice the soil becoming loose or the roots pushing out of the drainage hole, you know it is time to repot.

White Fusion Calathea is a delicate plant, from its leaves down to its roots. Exercise extreme care not to touch its root system when repotting since it does not like to be “tickled” before going into the new pot and fresh soil.

On average, this plant grows at a moderate speed, and you need to repot every year or so. Ensure you refresh your pot with new soil when you repot.

Where can I Buy white fusion calathea?

You can buy white fusion calathea at your local home improvement store or nursery. Nonetheless, if you want to skip the hassle of driving, perusing through aisles, and hauling a plant to your car, go to amazon

Prices for the white fusion calathea are relatively affordable, starting at $35 for small plants and reaching up to $65 for slightly larger ones.

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