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If you have ever needed to heat an object without setting it on fire, then a heat gun would be your best compatriot. 

Before delving into the top 8 heat guns for your consideration, it will be good first to know the factors to consider when purchasing a heat gun for electronics. 

Let’s have a look at them.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Heat Gun

Heat guns are easy to operate and among the cheapest power tools that you can have in your toolbox. Nonetheless, there are certain factors that you need to have in mind while purchasing one so that you get the best value for your money. Here are some of the elements:

1. Convertible Airflow

When heating, there could be materials close by that may get in the way of the heat. A convertible heat gun will help prevent damage to other areas not being heated.

Additionally, airflow can be a challenge when heating tight spaces. A heat gun with a speed dial shows how fast the fan spins can come in handy in adjusting airflow.

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2. User Friendliness

Because of the scope of its use, a heating gun must be practically qualified for everyday use. It should be versatile to use. It should be able to maintain its balance and stand upright. Also, it should come with its hanging loop, container, or casing for safe self-keeping after use.

3. Safety

Any heating tool is dangerous. A poor-quality heat gun could cause a short circuit, melting, or fire. To get a good quality heat gun, check the interior quality of the gun you would like to purchase. Confirm if it has an automatic thermal cut-out, a residual heat indicator, and a power cable strong enough to withstand the wattage the machine needs to function.

Additionally, the exterior components of the machine should be made of materials that can protect you from the heat generated by the heat gun. It would be better to select those that can indicate the heat residues remaining in the heat gun after using it, able to shut down automatically when overloaded, and are able to handle loads of heat.

4. Nozzle Quality

The nozzle of a heat gun experiences a significant amount of stress due to the heat that radiates to the tip of the heat gun. Therefore, nozzles and nozzle attachments made of solid metal tend to last longer because they can withstand melting and deformation.

Top 7 Best Heat Guns in 2022

1. Wagner Spraytech 0503038 Heat Gun

This gun is ideal for garage and house project maintenance. Depending on how hot the material is, this heat gun comes with two temperature settings of 750 and 1000 Fahrenheit, which allows you to use it on different surfaces based on the temperature of the material.

This machine comes with three different nozzles that you can choose from, depending on the use. You can use a concentrator on a small section or a flare nozzle if working on broad areas. Also, it comes with an edge protector that protects delicate surfaces from burning.

The striking features of this heat gun are the non-corrosive and heavy-duty nozzle. Additionally, it is lightweight and comfortable to use for a long time.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty for machine errors
  • Has a stand that allows hands-free operation
  • Long product life due to the corrosive-resistant nozzle
  • Has individual nozzles for surface compatibility
  • Different temperature settings – 750 and 1000 Fahrenheit


  • The power cord does not detach from the heat gun

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2. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W

This dual-temperature heat gun gave attention to the variable temperature control.SEEKONE Heat Gun takes a few seconds to attain extreme heat at its maximum temperature setting. Also, it comes with an overload protector that prevents damage to the circuits or the heat gun itself.

It is excellent at shrinking PVC wraps on wires and speeding up the bending of plastic pipes. The four nozzle attachments that come with this machine make it precise in heating only the specific areas that need heating.


  • Has good weight distribution and its comfortable to use for long periods
  • Has four nozzle attachments that make it precise
  • Has overload protector that prevents damage
  • Heats up within a few seconds
  • Has a variable thermal control and a dual-temperature reaching 1202 Fahrenheit


  • The turn dial lacks a temperature reading

3. Chandler Tool CTHG-B Heat Gun

This small-sized heat gun has the power of a regular gun but is devoid of the shape of a typical gun. It generates hot air but does not get too hot to hold.

The Chandler Tool CTHG-B Heat Gun comes with insulation, hence making it one of the safest heat guns you can use. Also, the nozzle and stand safety shield will protect you or unintended surfaces from burning.

Additionally, the machine has a well-balanced design and is light in weight. Compared to other products, it causes minimal hand fatigue.


  • It is certified by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Has an extra-long cord for free movement in your workspace
  • Quiet
  • Safe for plastic when used for shrink wrappings
  • Well-balanced design and light in weight
  • Insulated for safety


  • Hardcore use may cause smoke effusion

4. Wagner Spraytech 2417344 Heat Gun

Heat guns that are small in size may not be the best suited for versatile use. On the contrary, Wagner Spraytech 0503038, although small in size, comes with features that fit numerous uses.

It comes with high and low-temperature settings that make it suitable for use without causing overheating or melting after a long period of usage. The dual high temperature is 680 Fahrenheit, while the low temperature is 450 Fahrenheit.

Its angled design offers a great fit and feels on the palm of the hands. You can use it in either a hands-free position, palm grip, or pen grip. You can use a retractable metal stand to hold the gun in an upright position when using it hands-free.


  • Good in reaching tight spaces
  • Heats up rapidly even at a low-temperature setting
  • Dual temperature setting (from 450 to 680)
  • Hands-free, palm grip, or pen grip with retractable metal stand to hold it


  • Expensive compared to other heat guns of similar qualities

5. ZeopoCase 0W3 Mini Heat Gun

This mini heat gun works best when traveling or handling emergencies because of the small and pen-like shape that makes it easily portable. 

ZeopoCase 0W3 Mini Heat Gun is a single-temperature heat gun with a maximum heat of 390 Fahrenheit. 

The non-skid pattern on its handle prevents it from slipping from your hand while working. Additionally, it has a replaceable plastic tip that will protect you from accidents such as getting your skin burned by the metal funnel.


  • The replaceable plastic tip which protects skin from the scorching
  • Can rapidly get to a maximum temperature of 390 Fahrenheit
  • Easily portable and convenient for outdoor use
  • Well designed handle for safe holding


  • Slow in cooling down before using it again

6. Homedic MF300 Mini Heat Gun

Obtaining suitable heat for specific materials can be difficult. Having your heat gun scorching hot can be good but may cause a lot of that heat to be wasted. This portable heat gun comes in handy when in need of light-purpose heating. It allows you to direct heat to the specified area without damaging other parts.

Although internal heating is prominent in this product, its vents come in handy in releasing heat, which is crucial in protecting the delicate parts from damage.

Additionally, this product has a longer product life. This is because of the plastic protector and metal stands that assist in dissipating heat, and protecting the nozzles. 


  • Durable – made of stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Comes with an extensive cord of 6.56 feet
  • Easy to focus on one spot and minimize damage to other parts
  • Moderate warmth for light-purpose heating
  • Easy to use
  • Has safety features to prevent burning and fire hazards


  • Overheats when used continuously without rest

7. Toolour 858D Soldering Hot Air Rework

Hot-air workstations are excellent for tasks on soldering and desoldering electronic components. The Toolour 858D Soldering Hot Air Rework has the complete set of instruments for your job on repair and maintenance of printed circuit working boards.

Compared to other heat guns available within the same price range, this heat gun offers the precision you need to handle electronic complexities.

With this tool, you can manage heat at eight different speeds. Additionally, this machine has an installed temperature memory that enables you to go back to a previous temperature. Also, you can read the work state of the device displayed on its LED screen.

Apart from the heat on the nozzle dispersing automatically, this machine also blows soft air while working to prevent damage on Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) that are heat sensitive. Its fan is a brushless motor which explains why it has minimal vibrating noise.


  • Narrow-sized nozzles that offer tight airflow
  • Eight different temperature speed
  • Generates hot soft air, so the heat is not damaging
  • Comes with complete materials for complex electronics
  • Temperature memory and LED display for keeping work state condition


Slight difficulty in understanding the manual

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