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Hydroponic gardening, especially that of growing hydroponic tomatoes, is a straightforward skill to master. Additionally, there is much less manual work entailed than conventional gardening methods.

This is not to say that there is less work – instead, the work is less physically demanding.

Hydroponics refers to growing plants without soil-based substrate or any soil.

It is a mode of horticulture that employs the use of a concentrated mineral nutrient solution that is added to water. This mixture is then placed directly to the roots of the plants.

The plant grows roots directly in the water in an inert substrate like clay gravel, coco, sand, or clay pebbles.

Substrates are suitable for heavier plants since they help them to anchor down. As you research on different hydroponic setups, you may bump on systems such as:

  • Aeroponics
  • Nutrient Film Technique or NFT
  • Hydroponic Drip
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Deep Water Culture

How Long Do Tomatoes Take to Grow Hydroponically?

Tomatoes grown hydroponically may be ready for harvesting within 60 days of planting. When you plant tomatoes in a hydroponic system, they receive a plentiful supply of nutrients and a controlled environment suitable for growth.

What Nutrients Do Hydroponic Tomatoes Need?

Hydroponic tomatoes have significantly high nutritional needs. A package that has a high concentration of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), otherwise referred to as NPK, is highly recommended.

Also, tomatoes need other nutrients like magnesium. Therefore, check if your local garden center sells an explicitly-created package for tomatoes.

As you purchase a nutrient package, make sure to pick one specifically designed for a hydroponic system. Other nutrient packages may clog up the system, which may lead to catastrophic results on your growth operation.

Tomato Hydroponic System Buyer’s Guide

Hydroponic systems will dent your pocket. With many unreliable products in the market, the last thing you would want to happen is spending on a system that does not meet your needs. So, here are a few points that should guide you in purchasing a hydroponic system that will serve you well.

1. Function

This looks like a no-brainer. However, many systems in the market are promising but do not function at all when purchased.

Make sure that the pump is powerful enough to circulate water in all the containers, and the container can accommodate all the plants to its total capacity.

By and large, the system should meet your needs.

2. Durability

Because you will be spending a significant amount of money on the hydroponic system, make sure you buy a durable one.

Confirm if the containers are made up of suitable sturdy plastic that does not rust easily. It should not be malleable or flimsy.

Generally, the pump should have excellent quality insulation. Make sure it does not heat up frequently since it will be running for hours.

3. Ease of Use

Consider a hydroponic system that is easy to set up and use. It will significantly improve your growing experience and will help you when you want to grow many plants in a single go.

It should be easy to check and maintain deep water levels, take care of the pump and plants, and manage the nutrient solution.

What Hydroponic System is Best for Tomatoes?

It isn’t easy to grow fresh tomato plants in your apartment! Or is it?

With the assistance of a hydroponic system, you can grow tomatoes from your apartment!

And to assist you, we have found the best hydroponic systems to grow hydroponic tomatoes from all over the internet.

Here they are:

1. General Hydroponics GH4120 Waterfarm Grow Kit

General Hydroponics GH4120 gives remarkable modularity in its design. If you are a beginner with hydroponics, this system offers a pocket-friendly option since you can expand later on and customize it to your liking. Additionally, it is reliable and durable.

This system is a great beginning point for beginners because of its modularity and expandability. It has one small and another large bucket. The small bucket sits on top of the large one while holding the grow media.

No alternative beats its ability in terms of expandability. If you need to expand further in the future, you will need to get more GH4120s and connect them. Also, you get a more powerful central control.

The system comes with the pump, and the grow media, which is sufficient and reliable for this setup. Additionally, it has the needed nutrient solution.


  • Adequate and reliable pump
  • Sturdy containers
  • Modular system with great scope for expandability


2. General Hydroponics GH4830 Complete Power Grower

General Hydroponics GH4830 is an excellent system for people who would like to grow a single plant. The bucket is large enough for a big plant to fit. With a container of excellent quality and a well-equipped pump, both a veteran and the inexperienced grower can use this system.

It is an excellent system for growers who would like to grow one single plant at a time. It can be challenging to produce 4 to 6 plants at once; therefore, getting a system with more than one bucket does not make sense.

This system has a big and sturdy container which is efficient enough for a large plant. Also, the container has a water level pipe on the side. Hence, you can easily tell how much water is in it at a glance.

General Hydroponics GH4830 Complete Power Grower depends on circulated water instead of a bubble system. Its pump is more than capable of keeping the plants well-aerated.

This hydroponic system comes with growing media and is easy to set up. Therefore, all you need is the necessary nutrient solution and the plant, and with that, you are good to go.

I recommend this single container system to any grower, particularly a beginner.


  • Easy to set up
  • Reliable
  • Excellent quality container
  • Durable and large enough for a large plant


3. HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site hydroponic system is an excellent comprehensive six bucket hydroponic system. It is well equipped with everything you need so that you can start growing your tomatoes right away. This system offers a very well aerated environment for the plants with an unparalleled lid design.

It’s a simple and easy process to set up this system and start planting your tomatoes right away. You will get the grow media, a powerful pump, and the entire system inside the box.

The pump that comes with this system is remarkably powerful and has no issues whatsoever to keep all the six buckets well aerated at the same time.

Also, the containers’ unique high-air lids design helps keep the plants aerated. It does this by generating a lot of bubbles. It also helps ease access to the water at the bottom.

This system allows you to start growing the same day it arrives at your home, as long as you have the nutrient solution. This is why it stands out among the rest of the hydroponic systems.


  • It has a robust and durable pump that easily drives all six buckets all at once.
  • The containers have a unique high-air lid design that aerates the plants and makes it simple to reach the bottom water.
  • It is equipped with six buckets.


4. Deep Culture Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket System

Deep Culture Hydroponic is equipped with four buckets and a single pump that drives the four of them. It does not have any additional whistles and bells than what is needed.

It is easy to set up for any grower with a plug-in and use design, mainly if you are a beginner.

This system is straightforward to set up and use. Compared to the features that it comes with, this system is an excellent bargain for the quality of service that it will offer you.

It comes with four buckets, each fitted with net cups and one single pump for air bubbles in all four of them. This gives you room to grow four tomato plants at a single go. Additionally, it is simple to install and use this system.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Affordable and easy to set up
  • It comes with four buckets and small net cups


5. AIBSI Hydroponics Growing System

If you are searching for a convenient and straightforward plan and experience to grow hydroponic tomato plants on a small scale, then AIBSI hydroponics is the best choice for you.

This hydroponic system comes with a truckload of neat features that will make your growing experience completely hassle-free and easy. It’s remarkable if you want to save time growing tomatoes.

The AIBSI Hydroponics Growing System has a functional and convenient light source for growing tomatoes.

The LED light has two grow lights modes which can toggle automatically depending on the ambiance. It operates for 16 hours and then rests for 8 hours. It automatimatically switches between the two methods.

Additionally, the lamp is adjustable at 360 degrees. You can use it as a functioning desk lamp if you want.

Its planter is self-watering and has a reminder to notify you when water is below 10%. It auto-irrigates the water for around 2-3 weeks before it runs out. Hence, you do not need to worry about rotten roots.

Additionally, it has two basins for plants that need particular soil using vermiculite medium. Therefore, it has above average water permeability, absorptivity, and retention. It is also recyclable and clean.


  • Two basins for plants, equipped with recyclable soil using vermiculite medium
  • It can auto irrigate water for 2-3 weeks
  • It comes with an automatic and highly adjustable LED lamp


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